Nickname: Wiki
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Characters
Fighting Style: Godly Powers
Userpage: User:Wikia

Wikia, or Wiki is one of the characters of this series.


Wikia can take any form or size it desires.


These are the forms in which Wikia has been shown in order of appearance:



Wikia's most notable ability is shapeshifting, as it is constantly changing form.

  • Door Beam: Wikia creates a beam, that of which makes a locked door in the nearest wall. The door, presumably, can only be opened when Wikia transforms into the key.
  • Door Beam
    Power House: Wikia becomes a giant house, in which people can go inside and live. Wikia used this ability to give Panda a bed to sleep in after she passed out from getting drunk.



It likes saying someone's name many times as it said DancePowderer's name in almost every sentence it said. It does not let others finish what they're saying; if it has something to say and it interrupts them. It is also childish, as it exclaimed "wee" as it was flying. It also likes to transform a lot depending on the situation or use it could have.


It came to help DancePowderer with the AWC problem, but instead it continuously told him that he has to do it himself. It creates a door by using a door beam then it transforms into a key and tells DancePowderer to open it, but not before warning him of what will happen. After he opens the door, a glow of light teleports everyone to the new version of the chat in a weird world where it says ta da.