Nada infobox
Nickname: Nada, Meme King
First Appearance: Chapter 5
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Science
Userpage: User:Uknownada
Age: Fart

Uknownada, also known as Unknownada, is an asshole, and one of the main antagonist of the series.


Nada is an average sized guy, who's avatar is Link, from Legend of Zelda, with sunglasses. He wears a white lab coat but nothing underneath exposing his hairy chest. He also wears the tightest skinny jeans ever, black gloves, and cool robot shoes.


Nada is a dummy.


He took Jinbe in as his apprentice, so he seems to care for him.


  • He wears glasses.. even though his avatar already has them.
  • In SBS, Ryu stated that Nada takes his pubes and attaches them to his chest.