Nickname: Ryu-Chan
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Nokama Kempo
Userpage: User:Ryuzakiforever
Age: 15

Ryuzakiforever, also known as Ryu-Chan, is one of the main characters of the series.


Ryuzakiforever wears a black t-shirt with a computer mouse on it. He wears a red long-sleeved undershirt. He has blue baggy jeans on, and he wears white tennis shoes with red at the tip. His avatar is a depiction of himself.

Abilities and PowersEdit

For further information, see Nokama Kempo

Ryu is a tough fighter, capable of knocking out many foes at once, using his Nokama Kempo.

Personality Edit


Ryu's drawing.

A fool-around and creator of "out of blue" arts such as his drawing of Enel's mom. He likes to fool around and loves dancing.



Ryu and rici

Rici and Ryu dancing.

He is on good terms with Ricizubi due to their similar tastes in art.


On the other hand, he is not very close to DancePowderer, as they can be seen fighting frequently and have complete opposite opinions. Ryuzakiforever is the only one that can make DancePowderer heat up and lose his mind in a verbal fight. He considers DP to be a killjoy and often stirs up an argument because of it.


Ryu takes advantage of Mrgod11234's short temper and makes fun of him a lot. He calls him "Mere God".


Ryu has affectionately nicknamed Galcion "Glacion". They are great friends and talk to each other on their mission.


  • Ryu loves dancing so much that even a few of his attacks have dance moves in them.