Nickname: Rici, Master of Coding
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Coding Mastery
Userpage: User:Ricizubi
Age: 15

Ricizubi, also known as Rici is one of the main characters in the series.


He has an Enel face-fault avatar and he wears a white T-shirt with red shoulders and a symbol in the center composed out of two separated triangles aligned symmetrically. One of them is dark colored and the other one is light colored and is part of a larger bubble of the same color as the other triangle. He wears red gloves with no fingers, light green shorts, and a pair of light brown shoes. He also carries around a small sword.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rici is a swordsman, and is very proficient in using his sword

Sword Attacks:

  • Mornin' Star: Rici creates friction against a hard surface, scratching his sword against something leading up to his enemy, slash them with he sword that is friction powered.


For more information, see Coding Mastery

Rici is also very skilled in coding, able to change things quickly at ease.


He gets excited very fast and loves dancing.


Ryu and rici

Rici and Ryu dancing.

He is on good terms with Ryuzakiforever. He also cares about Sff9 as it died.


He was seen in the chat and when LPK was asking him something he was acting foolish asking a rhetorical question. Then as Ryu joined the chat and showed him the image of Enel's mom, he called it awesome hitting the table with his hands then he started dancing with Ryu. He went to Sff and mourned over it death, then he looked what was in its pants.


  • Although Ricizubi loves dancing in the series, he does not in real life.