No Kama kempo

Nokama Kempo is a fighting style used by Ryuzakiforever. Obviously based off Mr. 2 Bon Clay's Okama Kempo, Ryu does ballet-esque moves to attack foes. Ryu describes this fighting style as not gay, because its Nokama instead of Okama, and "totally pajamas".


  • Nokama Kempo: Ryu spins in midair, in a ballerina pose, knocking many foes away. This attack is described by Mrgod as "gay".
  • Ryu Punch: Ryu leaps into the air, and pulls his arm back. Ryu then punches the opponent, sending his fist straight through their body. If the person is too large to punch through, Ryu has to disconnect his joints and bones so he can reach. (In the case of Mugiwara Franky vs Ryu)