Mugiwara Franky
Mugiwara Franky
Nickname: MF
First Appearance: Chapter 5
Affiliation: Administrator
Fighting Style: Hacked Zombie
Userpage: User:Mugiwara Franky
Age: ???

Mugiwara Franky, also knows as MF, is an inactive administrator on One Piece Wiki.


Mugiwara Franky wears the same outfit as DancePowderer and YazzyDream consisting of: A shirt and tie below the administrator jacket and an armband with the Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger on it (presumably he she is an administrator) as well as some dress pants. His avatar is the default avatar and AWC avatar.




  • He the first admin in the series to have a box saying that he is inactive.
    • YazzyDream is also inactive.