Nickname: MG
First Appearance: Chapter 2
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: I Shoot Your Face Style
Userpage: User:Mrgod11234
Age: 17

Mrgod11234, also known as MG, is one of the main characters of the series.


His avatar is the face of Sousuke Aizen from Bleach. He wears prisoner's clothing and carries a gun with him. He also has white prison shoes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

For further information, see I Shoot Your Face Style

Using his trusty pistol, MG is a good shot, each lethal bullet hitting right on target.





MG, once had a battle with LPK, which he later lost. He was then sent to the land of the banned.

Current StorylineEdit

MG was retrieved from the land of the banned by Wikia in order to help find the hacker. During the Team Dragon encounter shortly after they left the article forest with AWC. MG was hit with hackers remorse and was left with a hole in his chest. He then shouted out for attention when no one minded his wound.