Man of Myth is legend
MoM Infobox2
Nickname: MoM
First Appearance: Ryu's Daily
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Energy Breathing
Userpage: User:Man of Myth is legend
Age: 20

Man of Myth is legend, also known as MoM, is a character who first appeared in Chapter 4, and was randomly staring at Panda from Team Dragon. After being experimented on by Uknownada, he became muscular and called himself "Man of Myth is Dayman".


MoM has a wimpy appearance, and wears a costume similar to Robin from the comic series Batman, but instead of Rs, he has Ms. His avatar is a picture of an anime character Sebastien wearing a vest, holding a hair-tie in his mouth.

After becoming Man of Myth is Dayman, he is noticeably much more muscular. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with a tiny "M" on the left side of the chest. He also wears dark pants, with large black boots. He sports a black belt with an M belt buckle, and as two syringes in his back.


Abilities and PowersEdit

MoM, after becoming Man of Myth is Dayman, he has great strength, capable of pushing Hungry straight through the ground, then kicking him into the wall, cracking it.



MoM seems to have some sort of weird crush on Panda, as he started randomly staring at her when introduced. He also slept naked with her, much to Panda's displeasure.


MoM got drunk with Rici, so it could be assumed the two are good friends. But maybe not.


After becoming Man of Myth is Dayman, MoM calls Uknownada "Boss Nada" and presumably takes orders from him.


He is first seen listening to Panda's story. She hits him in the head asking of how he arrived. Then tells Team Dragon of how he, Neo, Nada, and Caring arrived. He is then shown asking for some beer. He is seen in bed, him and Panda both naked, he recounts the tale of how they got naked and Panda proceeds to beat him up, then steal his clothes.

Later, when Team Dragon goes to the Ustedsabe Nothing Warehouse, MoM appears. He is now muscular, similar to Bane from Batman, and says that MoM is his slave name and he is now "Operation S.S." He asks the group to call him "Man of Myth is Dayman". But, Hungry replies that its still just MoM.

MoM then swiftly deals with Hungry, kicking him away.


  • In the Comic he is seen saying "I'm sorry." Which is quite contrary to his character.