Jinbe infobox
Nickname: Jinbe
First Appearance: Chapter 5
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: N/A
Userpage: User:Jinbe
Age: Old

Jinbe is a German user who works for Nada and is an antagonist in the series.


Jinbe has an avatar of Jinbe with a surprised look on his face. He sports lederhosen over a white long sleeved shirt and very short shorts with long socks. He has traditional clogs, his legs also seem to be rather hairy.


He is loyal to Nada.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jinbe is a skilled swordsman. He also has immense agility, said by Wikia to be his "magic german powers".

Attacks and Moves:

  • Great Alp Bite: Jinbe does a horizontal slash, capable of cutting a person in half.
  • Aufocker: Jinbe jumps into the air multiple times, utilizing an ability similar to Geppo from One Piece