Nickname: JOPF; JOP; JOPIE;
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Swordsmen
Userpage: User:JapaneseOPfan
Age: 14

JapaneseOPfan, also known as Jopie, or JOPF is one of the main characters in the series.


Jopie is a slim, young girl with an Eiichiro Oda avatar, where its body is human and its head is that of a fish. She is wearing a white shirt with two stripes on the left shoulder, dark colored pants with two white circles on the right side, and sandals. She also carries a sword with her.

Abilities and PowersEdit

For further information, see Swimming Style

JOP is an efficient swordsman, using her Swimming Style. She slips through the air, much like a fish through water.



JapaneseOPfan is usually seen as one of the "normal" members of the series in contrast to some others. She also does not seem to care much about her looks, for she dresses in normal fashion and does not care if people mistaken her as a male or call her "too young". She is also known for being wise.

JapaneseOPfan is also found to be quite lazy, for she leaves work up to the last minute despite the fact that everybody is looking forward to the information she provides after her hard journeys.