Nickname: AWC
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: A Wikia Contributor
Fighting Style: Hacks
Userpage: User:
Age: ??

IP: is an A Wikia Contributor, also known as AWC, who is the main antagonist in the series and disrupts the peace of One Piece WIki by spamming.


He wears a tattered prisoner top and some tattered pants, as well as some white shoes. His avatar is a blank head. He is tanned and is pretty muscular.


He doesn't care about the chat. He is only there to spam and get on people's nerves.


He appears in The Chat while Ricizubi and Ryuzakiforever are dancing. He starts doing spam, so DancePowderer wants to ban him. But the administrator's power is not enough. He uses "Hacker's Remorse" to Sff9, killing him/her. Then he disappears going through the wall. When the Second Team went inside the wall, they were searching for him. Panda finally found him down a cliff and MDM rushed to catch him. Hungry jumped in front of MDM, kicking him, and attacked the AWC.. The AWC used 'Hacker's Remorse' to attack Hungry, but Hungry dodged it. When the AWC was ready to attack Hungry again with 'Hacker's Regret', Panda rushed and saved Hungry with her knife. The Second Team surrounds AWC and they're ready to attack him.


  • His IP address is one digit off from a contributor who suggested Ryuzakiforever was in love with DancePowderer.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Hacker's Remorse:
  • Hacker's Regret: