DSP infobox
Nickname: DSP
First Appearance: Chapter 8
Affiliation: Characters for the Background
Fighting Style:
Userpage: User:DarkSkullPirates

DarkSkullPirates, also known as DSP, is one of the characters for the background of the series.


DSP has an avatar of Potsun's face (the doctor from Alabasta) on Jewlery Bonney's body. He sports a zip up, sleeveless shirt that shows his stomach. It has a design resembling a DNA thread on the left side of the chest. He also has white pants.


DSP is a pretty cool guy. He tries to be funny, but usually isn't.

DSP likes to make pictures of people's faces on different bodies.


He appears in the "Characters for the Background" of Chapter 8.

During Chapter 9 he was seen walking down the street, talking to AYET.