DP colored ch5
Nickname: DP
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Administrator
Fighting Style: Richard Dryfist
Userpage: User:DancePowderer
Age: 19

DancePowderer, also known as DP, is an admin on The One Piece Wiki, and one of the main characters of the series.


Admin Badge

DP's Power Source

He has Portgas D. Ace from the series One Piece with his hand on fire on his avatar. He wears a olive shirt and tie below his brown administrator coat, and has an blue armband on his left arm with The Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger badge and gray dress pants. He also wears dark colored shoes.


DancePowderer bans spammers showing no mercy at all.



DancePowderer and Ryuzakiforever are not in what one would call good terms. They can be seen constantly disagreeing with one another, and shockingly, we can see the usually-calm DP becoming hot headed and childish.

Abilities and PowersEdit

For further information, see Richard Dryfist.

Most of DPs attacks have to do with fire. This makes sense, as his avatar is Ace.

As an admin, DP has the power to kick and ban people from chat. This power was countered by the hacking ability of IP:


Dp's power

DP's Power

As IP: was spamming the chat, DancePowderer intervened and kickbanned him. Then he introduces himself as "the one who leaves you high and dry if you burn him". The next second, the AWC comes back saying spam and DP panics a little. He then contacts Wikia Central introducing himself on the phone and tries to say what he is reporting, but he is slammed into the ground and assistance is sent to him.

Wikia appears in front of him saying his name and he salutes it. He tries explaining Wikia what happened, but is interrupted and told to catch the hacker himself. DancePowderer uses his reasoning and tries to tell Wikia how it is not possible, but is interrupted once again and told that everyone must help him. He tries to use his reasoning again, but fails and follows Wikia. He is told to open the door, but then told to wait and warned by Wikia of the risks of him doing that. Then he opens the door and a light shines brightly in The Chat and in the next panel, everyone appears in a fantasy world.