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Chapter 2
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Title Beta Version
Chapter 2
Release Date November 25, 2011
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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the series and it's called "Beta Version".


Ryuzakiforever bending down and drawing something on a piece of looseleaf.


After being teleported into the new version of the chat, Ricizubi says that it's beautiful, which Wikia agrees. It tells to DancePowderer and LuffyPirateKing they have been chosen to lead a team each one, being under DP, Ryuzakiforever, JapaneseOPfan and Galcion; and being under LPK, Ricizubi, Pandawarrior, Imhungry4444 and Monkey.D.Me. DP complains they are one short. Wikia says that for this mission it had to summon a user from the Land of the Banned, Mrgod11234.

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  • Mrgod11234 is summoned from the Land of the Banned.


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