Mission Begins
Chapter 1
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Title Mission Begins
Chapter 1
Release Date September 24, 2011
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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the series and it's called "Mission Begins".


IP: is sitting down, enjoying a bowl of soup.


Sff attacked

Sff9 being attacked.

LuffyPirateKing is walking on the hallway narrating about the One Piece wiki, about how informative it is, but how its community behaves. In the background, two AWC's are ganging on Sara while Smashyoshi is drawing graffiti on the wall. Then he is found out by YazzyDream and tries to escape, being followed by her. Then LPK reaches the door to the chat building and goes inside, where everyone is randomly talking about something. Then Ryuzakiforever enters the chat, being asked by JapaneseOPfan since when he became so cool to which he responds that he's so ever since he drew Enel's mom. Ricizubi gets all excited shouting awesome and hitting the table with his hands to the sweatdrops of he others then he goes and dances with Ryu, being watched by the AWC. IP: starts spamming and after that is kickbanned by DancePowderer. That scene is followed by a scene where DP introduces himself as "the one who leaves you high and dry if you burn him", but soon after that, AWC reappears to DP's shock. DP then asks LPK for help while the AWC prepares his attack and uses it upon Sff9. The attack leaves a hole in him/her and Rici gets there crying for this loss, then Ryu and Galcion use the classical phrase from South Park when Kenny gets killed while Rici looks at what's in Sff's pants. Panda points out the obvious while DancePowderer calls for help from Wikia Central as the AWC escapes through the wall. Wikia comes to the chat and it talks to DancePowderer telling him that he has to stop the AWC himself, although pointing out the obvious he say that he can't. Wikia does not give up and convinces DancePowderer to follow him, then it creates a door with its Door Beam, then it turns into a key and he opens it with Wikia. After a bright flash, everyone is teleported into the new version of the chat.

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